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This was getting to be a seriously annoying problem. That’s lame. I explain how to do this, and what the requirements are, in Windows 8 Feature Focus: Client Hyper-V. Well, I tried the command-line fix. I like windows 8 fast boost but I hate it many problem. Anything I can do within w7 to fix the problem? Next the code calls SendMessage(), a blocking cross-thread operation, which will not return unless the UI thread responds. For Windows 8 or later: sfc/scannow inside safe mode with command prompt. I try this solution on windows8 Otherwise, the user might have to restart the machine in order to recover a hung application. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. It show Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Hi! Under details, Hardware Ids for M4-CT128 M4SSD2 SCSI Disk Device it reads SCSI\DiskM4-CT128M4SSD2__________000F, while for the M4-CT128 M4SSD2 it reads SCSI\DiskATA_____M4-CT128M4SSD2__000F. I couldn't send it on discord but here is bottom region of log file. I get this crash several times a day: [2019.08.08-16.23.38:259][555]LogFortMemory: Heartbeat - CPU:3292.53MB (Peak: 4615.66MB), [2019.08.08-16.24.05:380][982]LogFortAnalyticsEvent: Display: Core.EndGamePhase_ClientMetrics: CurrentGamePhaseName: GamePhase_0001 DurationSec: 119.944444 CPU: GenuineIntel|Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz NetworkType: 0 PingRTT: 5 PacketOverhead: 28 InRate: 3847 OutRate: 1822 InPacketsRate: 19 OutPacketRate: 31 InPacketsLostPercentage: 0.46 OutPacketsLostPercentage: 0.13 InBunchesRate: 73 OutBunchesRate: 73 TotalMovementCorrectionDistanceV2: 122 AverageMovementCorrectionDistance: 122 TotalNumMovementCorrectionsPerMinute: 0.359483 OutAcksRate: 19 RPCsCalledRate: 15 MaxPing: 24.25 MingPing: 0.54 PercentFramesOverBadPingThreshold: 0.00 PercentFramesOverSeverePingThreshold: 0.00 TopDelinquentAsyncLoads: [/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Dwarf_Lightning:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Dwarf_Ice:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Dwarf_Fire:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Dwarf:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Husky_RiotShield:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Smasher/Blueprints/SmasherPawn_Golden:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Armored:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Zapper:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Blaster/MistBlasterPawn:0.539994,/Game/Characters/Enemies/Husk/Blueprints/HuskPawn_Husky_Blockbuster:0.539994] TotalTimeSpentOnAsyncLoads: 18.898064 NumberOfUniqueAsyncLoadAssets: 42 MaxConcurrentAsyncLoads: 55 TopDelinquentQueuedActors: [FortMissionManager:0.539994] TotalTimeSpentOnQueuedActors: 0.539994 NumberOfUniqueQueuedActors: 1 MaxConcurrentQueuedActors: 29 PercentOfFramesSaturated: 0.002409 LongestRunOfSaturatedFrames: 19 LongestRunOfDroppedInPackets: 2 LongestRunOfDroppedOutPackets: 1 BurstyPacketLossPerSecond: 0.041686, [2019.08.08-16.24.07:804][382]LogVoiceChatManager: Warning: Failed join channel: Timed out. A hang can even be due to a bug in the HotSpot virtual machine. And don’t forget to restart. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to design and write a responsive application. In short, no easy answer I can think of…. Hang detected on GameThread (thread hasn't sent a heartbeat for 30.00 seconds): [2019.08.08-16.24.38:833][512]LogCore: Error: 0x00007ff9c0a5fde4 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction [] And i’m getting storahci and disk warnings, this laptop have An 8 gb SSD for cache, and the BIOS doesnt have hot swapping, when i playa music sounds like a scratched cd, and the laptop is unresponsive i got this laptop in february, is a core i7 3635qm (ivy bridge) with 8 gb of RAM, i also have a partition of 120 gb for Ubuntu, but ubuntu works flawlessly, i really need help with this, thanks in advance. In this case use jstack with the -m option (in addition to the -F option) to get a thread stack for all threads. If somebody has a similar issue; enable the Debug Location toolbar (View->Toolbars->Debug Location) For 2 days now, I haven’t had a single disk error in the Event Logs. You can disable the ghosting feature in your application via a call to DisableProcessWindowsGhosting (). Though it made no complete sense to me, I thought why no try it anyways…. The equivalent tool of pstack on Linux is lsstack. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Include the loader lock in your hierarchy if you take any locks in DllMain(), Agree on locking protocol with your dependencies. . I should note that I’ve now been running Win 8 RTM for over 2 months, and since the hotswap “fix”, the problem has not recurred. 3- Start installing Win8 inside Win7, For those that have trouble installing Win7x64 with USB, there is a trick, before clicking the Install button, remove the USB, make sure it is in a USB 2.0 port, and insert it again. ارور بازی فورتنایت Application Hang Detected شما اینجا هستید: خانه 1 / سوالات 2 / ارور بازی فورتنایت Application Hang Detected همه سوال ها › دسته بندی: نصب و اجرای بازی ها › ارور بازی فورتنایت Application Hang Detected My Aspire 1810 feels about 50% faster in Win 8 when booting, shutting down, and launching programs. What should I do? Problem was in the original 6-years-old MS driver. Guilty, your honor! I never hard this problem with Windows 7, but once I installed Windows 8 this error popped up. Please select at least one problem in this article. Sometimes an apparent hang turns out to be, in fact, a loop. A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her! If the application console is not available (process is running as a background process, or the VM output is directed to an unknown location), then the jstack utility can be used to obtain the stack thread. Luckily their will be another patch tomorrow so hopefully something in the game will make us be able to play once again. I did have to reinstall, because I installed it under Legacy, however it worked flawlessly also under UEFI. My SSD worked fine. It really depends on the situation, though. This is the most likely state for threads that are busy and possibly looping. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. Refer to this Microsoft article: Forcing a System Crash from the Keyboard. I also had problems to install with AHCI x64 version and after a lot of tries I figure out the problem and how to make it work. The whole ghost experience looks like this: The Desktop Window Manager does one last thing; it integrates with Windows Error Reporting, allowing the user to not only close and optionally restart the application, but also send valuable debugging data back to Microsoft. 1. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130105100226AATVcPG. Ensure that your application registers for restart and recovery, making a hang as pain-free as possible to the user. In short, every 30 minutes or so, my puter would lock up for about 30 seconds, the hard drive would be pegged to 100%, and then everything would go back to normal. Bluestacks is not initializing. It snips the link between Windows 8 and the lower-level hardware, using Hyper-V control systems instead. read this http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2013/04/16/10411267.aspx. I removed it from his computer and that resolved the issue. This is the “LPM” referenced, right (setting it on “Active”)? Posted a Yahoo question for something similar, though I’m not getting any BSOD or hangs. Yes it’s solve my problem. Keywords: Classic If the thread dump is printed and no deadlocks are found, then the issue might be a bug in which a thread waiting on a monitor that is never notified. Remove the added keys in the reg file to disable crash dump collection. Not really sure what the error is here. A hang can even be due to a bug in the HotSpot virtual machine. Uncompress it, and open procexp.exe (x86 platform) or procexp64.exe (x64 platform). Although the issues cited are historical, it should be noted that when the JDK software is deployed on Solaris 8 OS, it still uses the T1 library by default. To avoid this, create the following DWORD registry value: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl]"AlwaysKeepMemoryDump"=dword:0000000. I set to enable “hot swap” in the BIOS. The operating system defines an application hang as a UI thread that has not processed messages for at least 5 seconds. I have some using 2010, 2007, and 2003 and I get notices of application crashes. Just wanted to throw this out there if anyone is having the same issue with an AMD APU based Acer computer.

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