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We will bring forward proposals in early 2019 for a new, single labour market enforcement agency to better ensure that vulnerable workers are more aware of their rights and have easier access to them and that businesses are supported to comply. We will extend the time required to break a period of continuous service to make it easier for employees to access their rights. At the heart of this vision is this government’s commitment to improving quality of work in the UK. The government should identify a set of metrics against which it will measure success, reporting annually on the quality of work on offer in the UK. We recognise that lowering the threshold is an important step in improving voice in the workplace. We agree to consider next steps following delivery of current targets. Once employees have worked for the same employer for longer than a month they are entitled to a written statement covering details of their employment contract and rights. We do not want to limit these benefits, which grow with new ways of working. In addition, the government should consider extending the remit of the EAS Inspectorate to include compliance with the AWR. In a time of full employment it is becoming increasingly unusual for agency workers to have gaps between their assignments, and some employers are instead simply using this opt-out to reduce the size of their paybill. A genuinely self-employed individual runs and manages their own business and, for example, has control over how, when and who carries out the work and negotiates the price of the work to be undertaken. In simple terms, these relationships involve the employing firm paying the umbrella company, who in turn reimburse the worker. This funding will allow government to continue to test, evaluate and learn, as well as launch elements of the Scheme next year. Whilst the majority of employers take a balanced approach to working relationships, acting in the interest of both their business and the people who work for them, there are some who do not - whether that is deliberate or by accident. This should not be limited to increasing earnings to a level of self-sufficiency in Universal Credit and should take particular account of the effect of increases in the National Living Wage. Being able to call on HMRC’s investigators has enabled over 200,000 workers to access National Minimum Wage pay arrears in excess of £15.6 million in 2017 to 2018 alone. Everyone, regardless of where they live in the UK or which sector they work in, should be able to benefit from high quality jobs. We have already committed to extending state enforcement, on behalf of vulnerable workers, to underpayment of holiday pay. We have high employment rates, a wealth of job opportunities and increased participation amongst historically under-represented groups. This will include: It is essential that this Key Facts Page is easy to understand and we will work with business groups to prepare guidance on the format. 1. The government is committed to supporting working adults to retrain, particularly where their current occupation could be threatened by automation. Senior managers are helped to understand the impact of their decision-making, planning and actions on the well-being of their teams. Ian is granted a 30 hour a week contract. Matthew Taylor recommended that renewed effort should be made to align the employment status frameworks for the purposes of employment rights and tax to ensure that the differences between the two systems are reduced to an absolute minimum. The government should review, and in any event, consolidate in one place guidance on the legislation which protects those who are pregnant or on maternity leave to bring clarity to both employers and employees. This has raised concerns that some businesses may not currently be providing people with the rights they are entitled to, while some individuals and businesses may not be paying the right taxes. This follows the 2017 review of automatic enrolment and will focus on expanding evidence through a programme of targeted interventions and partnerships. To reflect the changing world of work we will legislate to extend this break to 4 weeks, allowing more employees to gain access to employment rights. This is faster than at any other point in the distribution. We asked the Low Pay Commission to consider this option and alternatives. In the UK tax system there is a 2-tier employment status framework of employed and self-employed. We undertook to explore how to measure and assess job quality in the UK, acknowledging that Good Work means different things to different people. The government agrees that this is the right ambition and will bring forward detailed proposals on how the frameworks could be aligned. We believe this is unacceptable and must end. This should cover formal vocational training, ‘on the job’ learning and development, lifelong learning and informal learning outside work. With new opportunity comes new challenges. This will allow vulnerable workers who have not received their holiday pay entitlement to raise a complaint and the state enforcement body to pursue payment of arrears on the worker’s behalf, backed up by financial penalties. However, those who would like more certainty will be able to request a more fixed working pattern from their employer after 26 weeks of service. We will also bring forward detailed proposals on how the tax and rights frameworks could be aligned. This will provide a single point of contact for individuals and employers and will benefit from the additional powers and resources mentioned above.

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