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And so, really, this song and the chant talk about how we were on the ridge here and how the clouds nestled. And so [the song] talks about this place. I make them go down to the ocean and feel the temperature because the water and sand is different from the rest of the island. Those kinds of songs. Since 1995 :: Hawaiian Music Delivered. And we all knew that, at the end of the semester, we would have to come up with a chant or song as a final project and present it to the class. You gotta have water to survive. “Auhea wale ana oe e Kauanoeanuhea?” “Where are you, oh, fragrant mist?” I look for you. I really liked the term Maunaleo (which means “the mountain’s voice”). May Your Hula Brilliantly Shine with the Light of. Released in 1994, Kawaipunahele proved an instant smash on Hawaiian music radio and a bestseller in Hawaii record stores, launching a long and successful music career Reichel had never seen coming. I liken the song to a powerful spell to entice the lover to come back. My mother’s sister continued to live there and we would go often. Now we were aware. I don’t play well in the sandbox with other people. It was one of those dreary days that didn’t help with my emotions. E huli hoi kaua means “Let’s go back. We were very lucky that she lived into her 80s. That’s the power of chants and songs. But I can’t obtain you. It was a lesson in patience. We decided that I needed to, through example, create an honorific genealogy chant for my grandmother while she was still alive. 1. It was my very first song ever. Read More View the current state guidelines for travel to Hawaiʻi, Q&A with Fishpond Educator and Caretaker Luka Mossman, The Origin Stories Behind Hawaiʻi's Iconic Shaka, Experience Hawaiʻi's Most Haunted Tales Through Master Storyteller Lopaka Kapanui's Walking Ghost Tours. A really nice bookend to a charmed and very blessed career.”. The whole mele (song) was pretty much written while I was taking that 45-minute break. And then, what are the places in the area that you can see? They wanted four songs. When I started to sing it, it really fit into my tone and into my voice. I knew my grandmother all of my life until 2000, when she passed. It’s very, very elemental up here. This was my way of expressing that particular feeling on that day and making the comparison of this person in my life to the mist. I make them walk the yard and listen. You write them a mele. Kalena is the name of a series of ponds right down the street from here. I’m missing a few lines in here, and I can’t make it work rhythmically.” I told him that the imagery that I had in the words was my mother. I wanted to document in song and imagery all of the stuff that me and the older cousins remembered. Lei Halia was a hard album to do. Nobody knows that. It was the song that opened that particular door of creativity. The instrumentation features sax and piano, just like OMI’s first hit. In class we had been talking about utilizing natural elements in poetry. It was chilly. Sometimes you can’t even see out this window. It’s incomprehensible now to imagine absolutely no one wanting to sign Kealii Reichel to a recording contract or put him in a studio. The chant came first. On the surface, it was about the place. Once you can easily switch between different stances and hoop continuously for 10 – 20 minutes at a time, you can try it out. I’ll try it. Hula Hoop Lyrics: Oh, hey / Rollerskates, tan lines / Hot sun clear blue skies / The waves are crashing by / And when she passed me by / And gave a wink and smile / And I … And I had to go to Hana to do something. But this song was my way of expressing the need to be with [Puna]. So when Disney approached me [to write a song for its Aulani Resort & Spa project on Oahu] it just struck me the wrong way. Mele.com / Product Special Types / New Releases New Releases. Then an up-and-coming kumu hula (hula teacher) and the fulltime director of the Bailey House Museum on Maui, Reichel was turned away by every one of them. I was flying into Honolulu every week to take a class from my friend [Hawaiian language educator and composer] Puakea Nogelmeier. Fortunately, I already had this tune in my head—the “E O Mai” tune. The house actually belonged to her aunty. By learning the meaning of the words, It was like him, the other half—in my life and out of my life. My grandmother was such an influence in my life and in my family’s life. Yeah. :3, this is my favorite song of hula hula hoop, “Hula Hoop” is the second single from OMI’s debut album, Me 4 U. They roll in. I always have to look on my phone or things like that. That was like a second death to us, because that hale (house) was our connection. I would turn around and look and her bag was way more full than mine. And he put all of these heartbreak-type rock and roll, country, Hawaiian and all kine songs on the tape for my drive. Like mist, you can’t really grab it. The lauded musician and kumu hula reflects on the past 20 years of his life, love, family and musical inspiration via 12 songs. And, she said, “Just hear them out. ", “Maybe I could. Almost all of them,” he says. Literally. In this type of lifestyle, because you don’t have a 9-to-5 job, sometimes you lose track of time. And she hated it. It was written for my grandmother and was presented to her at the King Kamehameha Hula Competition at the Neal Blaisdell Arena on Oahu. It was great. My grandfather was always away. “They literally laughed us out of their offices. Hawaiian Music Lyrics & Chords Producer and songwriter credits include Matthew Humphrey and Frank Buelles—the lyricist and composer behind the Robin Shulz remix of Mr. Probz’s “Waves,” a tropical house hit from 2014. By Derek Paiva Apr 20, 2015 It’s incomprehensible now to imagine absolutely no one wanting to sign Kealii Reichel to a recording contract or put him in a studio. That’s where the first line comes from. When I gave Puna his name and his chant, I called it “the water of Kalena” [the English translation of kawaiokalena].” Just like Kawaipunahele. But if you think how long it was between albums, I don’t know that I can do another album when I’m 62 or 63. It also fit as a bookend. My mother is like that. Whether you’re headed to the beach or looking for an easy way to brighten up a gloomy day, you’ll enjoy this list of 10 fun, simple Hawaiian ukulele songs for beginners. Back then, people used to make mix tapes on cassette. My grandmother raised nine kids pretty much by herself. My grandmother and her female cousins were extraordinary shoreline gatherers. The lauded musician and kumu hula reflects on the past 20 years of his life, love, family and musical inspiration via 12 songs. I hope some of what’s on this album does the same thing for the Piiholo area. She would make opihi bags out of 50-pound rice bags and would fashion them in a way that you could tie it around your waist and it hung right in front. They still look handsome to you, no matter what. So, one time, I was on the plane, relaxing, the plane took off and, all of a sudden, I was, like, “Ay, I think this is the last day of class.” And I had nothing. My grandmother had been adopted into that family [but was] related by blood. Anthony Martinez. This world-renowned route connects Kahului with the town of Hana and features 600 curves, 59 bridges, and countless attractions along the way. All Rights Reserved. I like showing people that you should write songs for people that you love and respect.

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