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They are suitable for various environments. On the downside, the variant we tested didn’t have in-line controls. High-bass, responsible for warmth is overemphasized by more than 4dB, making the bass of these headphones a bit boomy and muddy.

LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 10Hz, which is excellent. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. However, the Shure are more comfortable and offer slightly better noise isolation. 케이블에 따라 음색이 조금 다른 것 같은데 기본케이블보다 Copper-Silver 케이블이 좀 더 차갑습니다. 3. 자연스러움을 위해선 기본케이블이 조금 더 나은 것 같습니다. They have a deep and punchy bass, an even and decently balanced mid-range and a good treble. The design of in-ears and earbuds is in such a way that fully bypasses the pinna and doesn't interact with it. The KZ look and feel more premium than the 1More. The earbuds are angled to suit the contour of your ear for a better fit.

Sound is…. BA이어폰은 예전에는 꽤 비쌌던 것 같은데 가격이 참 저렴해졌습니다.

It’s not a shame though considering the price bracket. Today we look at the KZ AS10, another budget model from KZ Acoustics and it’s quite impressive!

– Headfonia Lieven. They are breathable enough for multiple different casual usages and for working out. Nevertheless, they are decent sounding in-ears for their price range and will sound good enough for most users. kzはas10以前にもzsシリーズやesシリーズ、zsシリーズでbaドライバの搭載に挑んできました。特に2018年に入ってからリリースされたba搭載機の評価はそれまでよりも高く、kzにとって2018年はba元年といってもいいでしょう。 Therefore it overall looks more stylish and elegant then the ZS10 hybrid. The ZS-10's sound is more accurate, while the AS-10 has more bass and a bit more punch to it.

아무튼간 전 BA이어폰과는 별 인연이 없었고 DD로는 젠하이저의 OMX980(이어팁 내구성만 아니면 아직도 생각나는 녀석입니다.) Build wise I didn’t spot any noticeable difference to be honest. Like most in-ears, the KZ AS10 are very portable headphones that will easily fit in most pockets. The Westone, on the other hand, have an in-line mic and remote with volume control, that the mic variant of the AS-10 doesn’t have.
Their overall build feels slightly better made than the ZST and their sound is more accurate for critical listening. In the bass range, where the rumble of airplane and bus engines sits, they achieved about 14dB of isolation which is above-average. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes him over and he puts that camera aside. There’s a dedicated website of KZ here, and I see they have added some information into that site since I reviewed the ZS10. On the upside, you can replace it if it gets damaged which makes the AS10 more durable than most typical in-ears. The buds are angled for a better fit within the contour of your ears and provide great passive isolation.

The KZ AS10 headphones come with a replaceable 1/8" TRS audio cable without an in-line mic or remote that will only provide audio when connected to your phone, PC or console controllers. These in-ears basically do not leak so there's no need to worry about disturbing the people around you unless you are blasting your music in a very quiet place. The mic version of the KZ doesn’t even have this feature. DD를 잘 쓴 이어폰에 비해 자연스러움은 떨어집니다. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Being in-ears, they are lightweight and portable enough to keep on you at all times. KZ(Knowledge Zenith)라는 회사의 AS10이라는 이어폰입니다. On the other hand, the ZSN have a more high-end look thanks to the metal-finish backplate on the earbuds, but that’s about it. The box of the AS10 is a more premium one when compared to the ZS10’s. The KZ AS10 are stable headphones due to their ear-hook-like design. So much you cannot enjoy your music. It’s not very different then the ZS10 technically, but still it’s a better package, especially for the price level. Most important; if the isolation is important to you, this is one of the budget IEMs that you can comfortably choose. That cyan face plate gives the IEM a cool image, and the inner shell is now in a shiny black color. KZ(Knowledge Zenith)라는 회사의 AS10이라는 이어폰입니다. 전반적인 착용감은 폼팁이나 이어팁에 따라 달라지지만 잘 착용하면 괜찮은 수준 같습니다.

So fit-wise everything has improved with the AS10 and I’m really fond of this new shell. The group delay graph also shows that the entire response is well below our audibility threshold. 전반적으로 가격대비는 상당히 만족스러운 제품이며, DAP/음원에 대한 고민을 던져준 이어폰이었습니다. Unfortunately, the variant we tested didn’t have any in-line features, but there is a variant with an in-line microphone and remote, without volume controls. AS6이나 AS16등과 같은 제품도 나오는 것 같네요. (is there…, Hi Richard, No I don't think it has been overtaken. 나 들어간 제품을 써보니 감회가 새롭습니다. The unit arrived in a black box and it has a front cover, which you open to the side to see the IEM itself. KZ has a large number of IEMs in their portfolio and it’s one of the best options for people who like to play around with several budget IEMs. This ensures a tight bass and a transparent treble reproduction. They are great looking due to their transparent design and they are more comfortable than typical in-ears thanks to their angled earbuds. The no in-line remote variant is a bit limited. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Audio Buying Guide!

4. The color of this cable maybe works for the ZS10, but for this AS10? KZ AS10 간단 사용기 안녕하세요. If you're not a big fan of the transparent backplate, take a look at the KZ ZSN, which have a metal-finish plate and looks a bit more high-end. 전반적인 착용감은 폼팁이나 이어팁에 따라 달라지지만 잘 착용하면 괜찮은 수준 같습니다. Like most in-ears, they have a poor soundstage which won't be ideal for more neutral listeners. They also come with a braided, detachable and replaceable cable that makes them more durable, but no extra cable comes in the box. If the user is able to achieve a proper fit and an air-tight seal using the assortment of tips that come with the headphones, then they should be able to get consistent bass and treble delivery every time they use the headphones. Because one way or another, those nozzle filters build up some wax over time. The KZ AS10 model has a full Balanced Armature setup unlike the ZS10 which has a 1 + 4 configuration.

The flexible ear-hook design will keep the earbuds stable enough during exercise. BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. put them under the same test bench, https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/kz/as10. 대다수의 사람들이 좋아하는 저음과 고음이 두루 뿜어져 나오는 이어폰 이기 때문에 유저에 따라 좋은 소리라고 느껴질 요소가 존재합니다. The earbuds are angled to suit the contour of your ear for a better fit. 유닛의 무게는 좀 나가지만 오버이어타입이라 크게 부담스럽진 않습니다. The overall response is quite even and decently balanced. Cheers.
They look more high-end than their actual price range. See our recommendations for the best noise cancelling earbuds, the best wired headphones, and the best cheap earbuds. There’s no vent and it’s a fully closed shell. The KZ AS10 model has a full Balanced Armature setup unlike the ZS10 which has a 1 + 4 configuration. On the other hand, the KZ ZST are noticeably more affordable and offer great value.

아무튼간 대륙에서 분발해준 관계로 저도 BA가 무려 10개! Also, because these headphones have a closed-back enclosure, their soundstage won't be perceived to be as open as that of open-back earbuds like the Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds or the Bose SoundSport Free. A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. Sound? I’m curious to know how you feel about the DTR1 a year later. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. On the other hand, the KZ look better and have more durable build quality, especially with the braided and replaceable cable. On the upside, they also come with different tip options to help you find a better and more comfortable fit and air-tight seal. Check out their Amazon page HERE. But it’s a 2-pin socket so you can always use a different cable with it. The isolation performance of the KZ AS10 is great. The AS10 have decent audio reproduction that's very similar to the ZS10. The AS10 have a different fit that isolate more ambient noise and will be a better option for commuting. Usability? Their sound profile is more accurate, especially in the treble range. The AS10 do not have a microphone and therefore, the recording quality has not been tested. The 1More Triple Driver headphones are slightly better than the KZ AS10.

대단히 주관적으로 전반적인 음질에 대해서 평해보자면 아래와 같은 특징이 있는 것 같습니다. It still has a two-piece plastic body but somewhat feels better in the hand. The cable is the exact same one and there’s not even a tiny difference between them. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. We purchase our own headphones and They are slightly bulky, but the earbuds are angled to give you a more stable fit than most in-ears. Low-treble is over our neutral target by about 2dB, bringing a bit of excess intensity and brightness to the vocals and lead instruments. Unfortunately, the variant we tested did not have a microphone for making calls. These headphones are wired and don't have a Bluetooth connection. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favourite Jazz recordings. Any reason why this isn't on your recommend list? For its price bracket still there's nothing better in my opinion. 오늘은 오랜만에 중국발 이어폰을 사서 간단히 후기를 남겨봅니다.

The model variant we reviewed did not have in-line remote and mic, but another variant does. Unfortunately, the model we tested does not have an in-line microphone so only audio will be provided when connected to your gaming system.

They also don’t leak much, so you can raise your volume to mask more ambient sound. Decent for mixed usage.

This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones?

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