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lovin' you chords 4

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})(); Learn how to play exactly like Minnie Riperton. document.write('

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Watch our community members perform this song. Report bad tab. 109 views, added to favorites 4 times. }; adunit_id: 100000049, [Verse 1] Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 Gmaj7 Lovin' you is easy 'cause you're beautiful Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 Gmaj7 Makin' love with you is all I wanna do Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 Gmaj7 Lovin… SHOTS. ... Loving You – Paolo Nutini. Difficulty: intermediate. Was this info helpful? Full chord legend.

SHOTS. Lovin You chords by Minnie Riperton. Free printable and easy chords for song by Luke Combs - Lovin On You. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics.

Em Am B Yes I've hurt your pride, and I know Em What you've been through. ... Lovin You – Minnie Riperton. 326,206 views, added to favorites 4,211 times.

Em C I would try to change G D The things that killed our love. How to play "Lovin You" Print. Yes No. var opts = { Author cyndi [a] 70. C Am Dm G7 Lovin' you is easy 'cause you're beautiful F G F G Makin' love with you is all I want to do C Am Dm G7 Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true F G F G Everything that I do is out of lovin' you F G F G No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring F G Stay with me while we grow old F G G7 And we will live each day in springtime C Am Dm G7 Lovin' you has made my life so beautiful F G … Report bad tab. /* TFP - E-chords - Below */

[Intro] |E |E |E |E | |A |B |E |E | x2 [Verse 1] E Don't get me wrong I like a bobber on the

(function() { [Verse 1] A6 E Bm7 A Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful A6 E Bm7 A Makin' love with you is all I wanna do A6 E Bm7 A Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true A6 E … How to play "Loving You" Print.

Loving You chords by Paolo Nutini.

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