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FTP access denied. エディタ等で操作できて便利ですね。, 他にもオプションがたくさんあるので、公式HPやcurl コマンド 使い方メモ - Qiitaを参考にしてみてください。, curl公式HP Not all servers support this command, and the set of QUOTE commands are server specific! See libcurl (3) for details. You can specify multiple URLs or parts of URLs by writing part sets within braces as in: or you can get sequences of alphanumeric series by using [] as in: ftp://ftp.numericals.com/file[1-100].txt  ftp://ftp.numericals.com/file[001-100].txt (with leading zeros)  ftp://ftp.letters.com/file[a-z].txt. Internal post-request generation error. FTP weird PASS reply. To store cookies, use the -c/--cookie-jar option or you could even save the HTTP headers to a file using -D/--dump-header! If the optional password isn't specified, it will be queried for on the terminal. Internal error. (Added in 7.10.6). Lines starting with '>' means data sent by curl, '<' means data received by curl that is hidden in normal cases and lines starting with '*' means additional info provided by curl. Specify which config file to read curl arguments from. FTP user/password incorrect. (HTTP) This posts data in a similar manner as --data-ascii does, although when using this option the entire context of the posted data is kept as-is. (HTTPS) Forces curl to use TSL version 1 when negotiating with a remote TLS server. If this option is used twice, the second will again disable verbose. When used on FTP, the ftp server response lines are considered being "headers" and thus are saved there. If no '=' letter is used in the line, it is treated as a filename to use to read previously stored cookie lines from, which should be used in this session if they match. Use "-" as filename to have the output sent to stdout. The server didn't reply anything, which here is considered an error. Sets proxy server to use if no protocol-specific proxy is set. To force the 'content' part to be be a file, prefix the file name with an @ sign. Note that if you should add a custom header that has the same name as one of the internal ones curl would use, your externally set header will be used instead of the internal one. If this option is used several times, the last one will override the others. (HTTP) Extra header to use when getting a web page. This allows you to make even trickier stuff than curl would normally do. Perform an operation using a specified interface. If used as the first parameter on the command line, the $HOME/.curlrc file will not be read and used as a config file. To encode blanks in the string, surround the string with single quote marks. This will cause curl to pass the data to the server using the content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded. (HTTP) Pass the data to the HTTP server as a cookie. Redirect all writes to stderr to the specified file instead. separator. This concerns both FTP and HTTP transfers. If there is no file part in the specified URL, Curl will append the local file name. If this option is used twice, the second will again disable show error. If this option is used twice, the second will again disable proxy NTLM. (HTTP) Sends the "Referer Page" information to the HTTP server. If the port number is not specified, it is assumed at port 1080. Some FTP servers list only files in their response to NLST; they do not include subdirectories and symbolic links. If this option is used twice, the second will again disable list only. The server denied login. 日本語版は入っていません。下記コマンドでインストールする必要があります。, 上記URL日付部分は、さらに更新になっている可能性があります。 まず、使用しているシェルが利用している言語を確認しましょう。echoコマンド It is a proprietary protocol, reversed engineered by clever people and implemented in curl based on their efforts. The windows version of curl will automatically look for a CA certs file named ´curl-ca-bundle.crt´, either in the same directory as curl.exe, or in the Current Working Directory, or in any folder along your PATH. Only a part of the file was transfered. FTP quote error. Curl will normally always first attempt to use EPRT, then LPRT before using PORT, but with this option, it will use PORT right away. URL malformat. A quote command returned error from the server. To just get the content part from a file, prefix the file name with the letter <. (HTTP) Enables GSS-Negotiate authentication. time_starttransfer The time, in seconds, it took from the start until the first byte is just about to be transfered. SPNEGO Negotiate authenticaion is supported. If this option is set more than once, the last one will be the one that's used. Maximum time in seconds that you allow the whole operation to take. You may specify any amount of commands to be run before and after the transfer. Make curl display progress information as a progress bar instead of the default statistics. If this option is used several times, the last one will be used. ここをjq '.items.name'とか様々な指定の仕方ができるんですが、詳細は公式HPや他記事をご参考ください。, レスポンスが多い場合、CLIの画面では見づらいことがあります。 This is a authentication that prevents the password from being sent over the wire in clear text. (HTTP) This lets curl emulate a filled in form in which a user has pressed the submit button. Comparison of cURL vs other open source download tools(英文), https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=CURL&oldid=80378942, この項目では、データ転送用ツール・ライブラリならびにそれらを提供するプロジェクトについて説明しています。プログラミング言語の.

should be one of: i.e "eth0" to specify which interface's IP address you want to use (Unix only), i.e "" to specify exact IP number, (any single-letter string) to make it pick the machine's default. Disables the buffering of the output stream. manualファイルが格納されていることを確認します。, これだけでは、manコマンドで日本語マニュアルが表示できません。 FTP can't get host. By following users and tags, you can catch up information on technical fields that you are interested in as a whole, By "stocking" the articles you like, you can search right away. You may specify any number of extra headers. Tells curl to use NTLM authentication when communicating with the given proxy. Not all FTP servers support the PORT command, try doing a transfer using PASV instead! If this option is used twice, the second will again disable the progress bar. curl also supports "globbing" of the -T argument, meaning that you can upload multiple files to a single URL by using the same URL globbing style supported in the URL, like this: curl -T "{file1,file2}" http://www.uploadtothissite.com, curl -T "img[1-1000].png" ftp://ftp.picturemania.com/upload/. Using this option will disable that buffering. This is useful for preventing your batch jobs from hanging for hours due to slow networks or links going down. The data is expected to be &zerosp;"url-encoded". When used on a FTP or FILE file, curl displays the file size and last modification time only. FTP couldn't use SIZE. A quick and very simple example of how to setup a .netrc to allow curl to ftp to the machine host.domain.com with user name &zerosp;'myself' and password 'secret' should look similar to: machine host.domain.com login myself password secret. Too many redirects. (HTTPS) Forces curl to use SSL version 2 when negotiating with a remote SSL server. (HTTP/HTTPS) If the server reports that the requested page has a different location (indicated with the header line Location:) this flag will let curl attempt to reattempt the get on the new place. (FTP) Convert LF to CRLF in upload. url_effective The URL that was fetched last. Makes curl scan the .netrc file in the user's home directory for login name and password. This is used instead of setting a specific authentication method, which you can do with --basic, --digest, --ntlm, and --negotiate. It means that certain protocol specific operations might not be available. です。英語版のmanualテキストは既にmacに入っていますが、 日本語版は入っていません。下記コマンドでインストールする必要があります。 An error was signaled when the password was entered. × manで表示される文章が日本語化される manで表示される文章が、英語版ではなく日本語版を表示するようになる. size_request The total amount of bytes that were sent in the HTTP request. If this is a concern for you, try the --connect-timeout option. curl コマンド 使い方メモ - Qiita you can read useful information later efficiently. This option can be used multiple times to add/replace/remove multiple headers. FTP weird PASV reply, Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the PASV request. example.comのホームページを取得するには、以下のようにタイプすればよい。: curlはデフォルトでは、取得した出力をシステムによって特定された標準出力に表示するようになっている(通常はターミナル)。 If authentication is used, curl will only send its credentials to the initial host, so if a redirect takes curl to a different host, it won't intercept the user+password. time_connect The time, in seconds, it took from the start until the connect to the remote host (or proxy) was completed. Bad password entered. Set maximum number of redirection-followings allowed. When used with -L/--location you can append ";auto" to the referer URL to make curl automatically set the previous URL when it follows a Location: header. If you are also using the -Y/--speed-limit option, that option will take precedence and might cripple the rate-limiting slightly, to help keeping the speed-limit logic working. To read the file's content from stdin insted of a file, use - where the file name should've been. This causes curl to POST data using the content-type multipart/form-data according to RFC1867. The file will be written using the Netscape cookie file format. If used in combination with -I, the POST data will instead be appended to the URL with a HEAD request. Write output to a local file named like the remote file we get. curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using one of the supported protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, DICT, TELNET, LDAP or FILE). To control where this URL is written, use the -o/--output or the -O/--remote-name options. The PORT command failed. groffとは、GNUの、文書整形を行うコマンド(roff)です。, macではgroffが既存で入っています、 $ groff -v で確認できます。 環境変数を確認してみます。, ターミナル起動時のデフォルトで設定したい場合は、 Don't show progress meter or error messages. PASV is the internal default behavior, but using this option can be used to override a previos --ftp-port option. See also the -A/--user-agent and -e/--referer options. The string can be specified as "string", to get read from a particular file you specify it "@filename" and to tell curl to read the format from stdin you write "@-". In curl 7.10.8 and later, you can specify one -T for each URL on the command line. ƒXƒ|ƒ“ƒT[ƒŠƒ“ƒN The SIZE command failed. User name badly specified. This curl supports transfers of large files, files larger than 2GB. The certificate(s) must be in PEM format. Ranges can be specified in a number of ways. 1 / クリップ When following redirects, curl hit the maximum amount. ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/www/utilities/curl/, http://www.openssl.org/docs/apps/ciphers.html. If you want to post a binary file without the strip-newlines feature of the --data-ascii option, this is for you. This curl uses asynchronous name resolves. 設定ファイル /etc/man.conf を変数しましょう。, 通常だとread-onlyになっているので、sudoで管理者権限にします。 Using this method also activates the "cookie parser" which will make curl record incoming cookies too, which may be handy if you're using this in combination with the -L/--location option. (FTP) Reverses the initiator/listener roles when connecting with ftp. This is mostly done like this to better enable scripts etc to better deal with failed attempts. An application told curl to abort the operation. This is very similar to --trace, but leaves out the hex part and only shows the ASCII part of the dump. Use -V/--version to see if your curl supports it. No cookies will be stored in the file. Write output to instead of stdout. If used multiple times, nothing special happens. Note that to be able to specify a URL in the config file, you need to specify it using the --url option, and not by simply writing the URL on its own line. If no cookies are known, no file will be written. If the file requested is larger than this value, the transfer will not start and curl will return with exit code 63. If -L/--location is used, this option can be used to prevent curl from following redirections &zerosp;"in absurdum". If this option is used and the server sends an unsupported encoding, Curl will report an error. This curl uses a libcurl built with Debug. Use this in combination with the normal -u/--user option to set user name and password. If this option is used several times, each occurrence will toggle it on/off.

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