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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Headers above the slide level in the hierarchy create “title slides,” which just contain the section title and help to break the slide show into sections. (These paths can be changed by setting the slidy-url, slideous-url, revealjs-url, or s5-url variables; see [Variables for slides], above.) There are five ways to do this, using S5, DZSlides, Slidy, Slideous, or reveal.js. One way to do this is to insert a nonbreaking space after the image: Attributes can be set on links and images: (This syntax is compatible with PHP Markdown Extra when only #id and .class are used.). instead of giving the identifier explicitly: If there are multiple headers with identical text, the corresponding reference will link to the first one only, and you will need to use explicit links to link to the others, as described above. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. The fancy_lists extension also allows ‘#’ to be used as an ordered list marker in place of a numeral: Pandoc also pays attention to the type of list marker used, and to the starting number, and both of these are preserved where possible in the output format. Install asciidoc and pandoc: $ brew install asciidoc pandoc An ATX-style header consists of one to six # signs and a line of text, optionally followed by any number of # signs. pandoc-1.9.3: Conversion between markup formats. representation of the document, and a set of writers, Thus, while pandoc allows the embedding of raw HTML, it discourages it, and provides other, non-HTMLish ways of representing important document elements like definition lists, tables, mathematics, and footnotes. Contributors include Aaron Wolen, Albert Krewinkel, Alexander Kondratskiy, Alexander Sulfrian, Alexander V Vershilov, Alfred Wechselberger, Andreas Lööw, Andrew Dunning, Antoine Latter, Arata Mizuki, Arlo O’Keeffe, Artyom Kazak, Ben Gamari, Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin, Bjorn Buckwalter, Bradley Kuhn, Brent Yorgey, Bryan O’Sullivan, B. Scott Michel, Caleb McDaniel, Calvin Beck, Christoffer Ackelman, Christoffer Sawicki, Clare Macrae, Clint Adams, Conal Elliott, Craig S. Bosma, Daniel Bergey, Daniel T. Staal, David Lazar, David Röthlisberger, Denis Laxalde, Douglas Calvert, Douglas F. Calvert, Eric Kow, Eric Seidel, Florian Eitel, François Gannaz, Freiric Barral, Fyodor Sheremetyev, Gabor Pali, Gavin Beatty, Greg Maslov, Grégory Bataille, Greg Rundlett, gwern, Gwern Branwen, Hans-Peter Deifel, Henry de Valence, Ilya V. Portnov, infinity0x, Jaime Marquínez Ferrándiz, James Aspnes, Jamie F. Olson, Jan Larres, Jason Ronallo, Jeff Arnold, Jeff Runningen, Jens Petersen, Jérémy Bobbio, Jesse Rosenthal, J. Lewis Muir, Joe Hillenbrand, John MacFarlane, Jonas Smedegaard, Jonathan Daugherty, Josef Svenningsson, Jose Luis Duran, Julien Cretel, Justin Bogner, Kelsey Hightower, Konstantin Zudov, Lars-Dominik Braun, Luke Plant, Mark Szepieniec, Mark Wright, Masayoshi Takahashi, Matej Kollar, Mathias Schenner, Matthew Pickering, Matthias C. M. Troffaes, Mauro Bieg, Max Bolingbroke, Max Rydahl Andersen, Merijn Verstraaten, Michael Snoyman, Michael Thompson, MinRK, Nathan Gass, Neil Mayhew, Nick Bart, Nicolas Kaiser, Nikolay Yakimov, nkalvi, Paulo Tanimoto, Paul Rivier, Peter Wang, Philippe Ombredanne, Phillip Alday, Puneeth Chaganti, qerub, Ralf Stephan, Recai Oktaş, rodja.trappe, RyanGlScott, Scott Morrison, Sergei Trofimovich, Sergey Astanin, Shahbaz Youssefi, Shaun Attfield, shreevatsa.public, Simon Hengel, Sumit Sahrawat, takahashim, thsutton, Tim Lin, Timothy Humphries, Todd Sifleet, Tom Leese, Uli Köhler, Václav Zeman, Viktor Kronvall, Vincent, Wikiwide, and Xavier Olive.

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