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Princess Be Ambitious!! Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. Onnanoko damon! My lipstick's in serious red mode↑↑ (uhhh, yeah!!) ルーティン 抜け出して Goin' らしくね Kiyoku shubi yoku doryoku de idonde yuke Girly Cute na akogare o kanaete kimasho My prince It first appeared in THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! Te o tori kajitori ESUKOOTO (Please!!) UN-MEI tsukamitai! UN・MEI 夢見たい! ルージュは本気の赤モード↑↑ (Uhhh, Yeah!!) ダーリン ドラマの ワンシーンみたいに 頑張るのは いつだって It's a shame that we're going to have wait a while to finally hear the full version. Artist 春日未来 (CV.山崎はるか) Album THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 06 Princess Stars 1 year ago. Let's make our girly×cute aspirations come true What is the best method to score event points for this event type? Platinum Ranker, Title Achievement : Princess Be Ambitious!! Clear event song: Princess Be Ambitious!! Kirari! Players are reminded to visit event page daily to collect daily event login bonus! 手を取り舵取りエスコート (せ~のっ Please!!) Onedan yori rashiku KOODINEITO DAARIN DORAMA no WAN SHIIN mitai ni ナンセンス ノーサンキュー You will only receive Event points from the Tour feature accessed from the Event Page. It's 'cuz I'm a girl! UN・SEI 自分次第? Close. '強く 凛々しく 美しく輝きたい' This weekend's reward is a shopping trip! let's fall in love... I'm aiming for "charming×cool"; the road to beauty stretches to infinity! Fallin' koi shite… Ouji-sama Nenjuu joshi mukyuu Add lyrics on Musixmatch. UN・MEI 掴みたい! Fallin' 恋して… Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Check my smile's OK in the display window! 恋支度に 抜かりなし Leave feedback. from プリンセススターズ's The IDOLMASTER MILLION THEATER GENERATION 04 Princess Stars - Single and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. I'll tackle it with grace, success, and effort Something like I'll have to play 8 hours a day-ish? FEISU NEIRU MEERU CHEKKU suimin genshouchuu Keep in mind that once a difficulty has been selected, it cannot be changed until a Song or Job has been completed even after leaving the page. Event card's master rank up will trigger upon accumulating Event points. I'm aiming for "charming×cool"; the road to beauty stretches to infinity! (Shop!) Then a crash diet Compromising on anything's a no-no! ダーリン ドラマの ワンシーンみたいに ショーウィンド映る Smilin' OK! Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Looks like I didn’t even make T3 orz. Princess be ambitious!! With this new color, and this brand-new outfit, Though my ideal is too expensive Fallin' 恋して… And really hard. Mental power before trends, right? Grab my hand; you're my guiding escort♡ (Please!!) Girly Cute na tokimeki o koushin shimashou RUUTIN nukedashite Goin' rashiku ne DAIETTO choutokkyuu 前進あるのみ 強引くらいが I'm feeling so good! 絶賛女子夢中 '強く 凛々しく 美しく輝きたい' Ganbaru no wa itsudatte Darlin', like a scene in a drama, Well there isn't much incentive to stay in T5 so I'm going to sleep early now zzzzzzz. Only S-Rank rewards are shown. I expect you to say "welcome" next time! Mirror, mirror, hey, you're not here yet? Joshiryoku zenryoku kikonashichau! Breakin' the routine and goin' my own way Princess be ambitious!! Silver Ranker, Title Achievement : Growing Storm! Kagami yo kagami nee mada nano? Below are the event point reward from each event song. Eat away my troubles! I'm aiming for "charming×cool"; the road to beauty stretches to infinity! "I want to sparkle strongly, with dignity, and beautifully" Sparkle! The quantity of Event points rewarded in event song will be much greater than general LIVE. RUUJU wa honki no aka MOODO (Uhhh, Yeah!!) 手を取り舵取りエスコート (Please!!) Let's make our girly×cute aspirations come true "Tsuyoku ririshiku utsukushiku kagayakitai" Do you know the lyrics for this track? Even if you're not riding a white horse, it's fine, my prince Enjoy the show! 週末のご褒美は Shop!(Shop!) RUUTIN nukedashite Goin' rashiku ne Bronze Ranker. But isn't that good? "I want to sparkle strongly, with dignity, and beautifully" It's 'cuz I'm a girl! Safe enough for T6? (Stop!) Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. 目指すはCharming×Coolよ 美の道は未来に続く Might be too early to call it but I think this is my favorite chart in the game now. Idol position for MV: Princess Be Ambitious!! Now this is a chart I don't mind grinding. Senobi-iro mo saishin KOODE mo Start the wiki. Producers have to use event tokens to play event songs. I can barely keep up with it... Has fps been dropping when the camera cuts, for anyone else?

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